Welcome to Heritage Quest USA

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Through education, awareness and access, Heritage Quest USA is where new skills are learned and wisdom passed through mentorship. Youth and adults alike connect with their heritage and environment while embarking on a quest to become better outdoorsmen.

Where "hands-on" is what we are about --- projects dedicated to conservation, habitat and all outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing and shooting.

Heritage Quest is the ultimate wilderness camp with adventure HQ Outposts spread across the sprawling landscape of Wildernessville, USA.

Hunter WorthRead along as Hunter Worth, and his fellow youth counselors develop a mentoring relationship with Head Master Fears and staff of Park Rangers. Together they develop lesson plans to teach younger kids about habitat, conservation, and outdoor activities providing them a path to become Master Outdoorsman.

First HQ Merit Badge

Our first merit badge project is Build and Place a Wood Duck Nesting Box, Earn a Badge. This waterfowl habitat project is for everyone, whether a single youth or youth group, all you need is the desire to become a better outdoorsman and have some adult supervision to complete your requirements. Just visit the HQ Merit Badge page and get started today on your journey.

Gateway to Heritage Quest

Merit Badge Day Camps at HQ Outpost

There are HQ Day Camps where you visit Heritage Quest Outpost partners to complete your requirements.

Global Outfitters Outdoor University and the GO Youth movement will be behind you every step of your journey, with instructional videos and articles to direct you along your path to knowledge. Hunter Worth and other HQ staff provide entertaining commentary about each lesson you embark.

Education - Awareness - Access

Help HQ provide access through awareness. Tell us about your youth program so others can know about the good things you do. HQ is here to help you with valuable tools to spread the word about all the good you do. Awareness will be focused on the many national and community youth mentor programs providing youth access to habitat, conservation and the activities of hunting, fishing and shooting. We will highlight the men and women dedicated to passing on the traditions of outdoor activities to youth of all family and financial situations. These noble causes almost always seek community awareness, technical and financial support, from businesses and private individuals. At Global Outfitters, our calling is to support each and all youth mentor organizations through education and awareness by enabling access.

We will keep you informed. Sign up for our newsletter to keep abreast of news, programs and activities at Heritage Quest USA.

Tell me about Heritage Quest USA...

There is a place called Heritage Quest

Where our skills in conservation are put to the test

As we learn from each other in pursuit of our heritage

As hunters, fishermen, shooters, artists, historians and scientists.

If your beliefs and love for the outdoors are perpetual, and you shoot for nothing short of the moon

Then you, my friend, are right in tune.

With a place where there is no limit to what we can do

As generations to come are relying on us to

Conserve the land and preserve the history

So simple joys like hunting and fishing won't become a mystery.

So, what if, with a place like Heritage Quest, we could fulfill our every outdoor desire?

Where adults and youth mentor each other as the call for conservation is dire

It is a trace of our heritage through forest green and water blue

The quest will go on, will you come too?

Then you may ask, "Where is Heritage Quest? How do we get there?"

Heritage Quest is all around us. It has been here since the Maker painted His canvas with shades of blue, green and brown, creating Earth.

At Global Outfitters, we are partnering with Heritage Quest USA in an effort to fulfill every kid's outdoor dream.

Our own Heritage Quest, located in the serene Wildernessville, USA, is a place where youth interested in hunting, fishing, shooting, art, history or cooking, just to name a few, can immerse themselves in their true outdoor passion. Join us for great adventures as we begin the quest to learn our heritage.

-Hunter Worth

Mentoring Full Circle

Newly Added Pictures

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  • Tactical Birding the Delta with 5RDS

  • Drop Camp at 5RDS in the Delta

  • Bottle Creek in the Delta

  • 5RDS Touring the Delta

  • Finished and installed Wood Duck Nesting Box

  • Build 3 kits earn a certificate with your badge

  • The Intruder - A Grackle invades home! John Warr

  • Youth placing a wood duck nesting box

  • Wood Duck Merit Badges Kits are ready!

  • Wood Duck Box Merit Badge

  • Brenda and Marchant Chattokee Lodge Outpost

  • Marchan and Harlan Chattokee Lodge Outpost

  • Winter Turkeys Chattokee Lodge Outpost

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